For the last week I’ve been trying to work out what’s wrong, why I’m not happy or satisfied, and what it is that’s missing. It came down to this: I like my job, and I like the school I work in, but I don’t like it enough. That goes for the last 6 years too, in Ecuador and Malawi – but this is your abbreviated version of the story.

Gandhi said something like “be the change you want to see in the world” (I saw it carved on the bar in Mabuya), and a guy I saw at an MUN conference in Nairobi a couple of years ago made me really think about what I could contribute to the world. He was awesome.

Long story short, I want to build a school. I want it be a ‘publicly’-funded school for brilliant kids from unprivileged backgrounds; and kids who’ll stay, once educated, and not just leave their country for wealthier pastures. As such, it fits no model I have yet encountered (kinda UWC, but not). And as I’m likely to move to Ecuador in a year or so (it’s where my fiance is from, and thus where I’m likely to settle), that’s where I’m likely to try this first.

Anyone want in?